Dissemination meeting on training program designed for non-field professionals who are working in the field of special education was held on April 26, 2017

Within the scope of the project, a dissemination meeting was held at Gazi Education Faculty on April 26, 2017 to share the training program designed for the non-field professionals who are working in the field of special education, with the participation of field workers and related institutions. In addition to the partner institutions, a large number of participants from public & private sector and academia including the Ministry of National Education attended the meeting.

The opening speeches of the meeting were made by Asuman Erdem, Project Coordinator, and Çiğdem Erbaş, Deputy Director of Gölbaşı Special Education and Practices Center. Asuman Erdem emphasized that the importance of this project is to bring together the public, private sector and civil society. She expressed the project results they have reached show that they asked the right questions to themselves and made the right choices. Çiğdem Erbaş emphasized that designing a tailor made training program was important in terms of developing teacher qualifications in the field of special education.

At the next stage of the meeting, Uğur Ersoy, ZİÇEV Strategist, shared findings of the needs analysis carried out with respect to non-field professionals working in the field of special education through giving attention how they prepared the background of the training program and how the program has been matched to the needs of these professionals. Later on, Assoc. Dr. Necdet Karasu from Gazi University Special Education Department made a presentation through summarizing the training program consisting of three modules namely, enhancing behavioral control, communication and language skills for individuals with intellectual disabilities and evidence-based practices. The meeting ended with participants' evaluations, question and answers session.

Program Brochure