Dissemination Meeting on E-Learning Portal was held at Gölbaşı Special Education and Practices Center on May 16, 2017

Within the scope of the project, the current situation and needs analysis findings report for the non-field professionals working in the field of special education were completed and discussed with our stakeholders through the dissemination meeting held on 2 March 2017. One of the most important outputs of the project is the training program designed for non-field professionals working in the field of special education, was held at Gazi Faculty of Education on 26 April 2017. Dissemination meeting on e-learning portal developed within the scope of the project was held on 16 May 2017 at Gölbaşı Special Education and Practices Center. The meeting is a synopsis of the previous two meetings and important in terms of reaching to all our stakeholders and providing feedback.

Tolga Andaç, Director of Gölbaşı Special Education and Practices Center ,Tomris Miser, ZİÇEV General Manager and Asuman Erdem, Project Coordinator made the opening speeches of the meeting. Tolga Andaç expressed his satisfaction with hosting the meeting and emphasized the importance of such an e-learning portal for teachers working on the field. In her speech, Tomris Miser emphasized the importance of having an e-learning portal especially for new professionals to get necessary information with a right way. Asuman Erdem told that the project brought together the public & private sector and civil society through encouraging them to work on the same subject.

Later in the meeting, Uğur Ersoy , ZİÇEV Strategist made an interactive presentation on general framework of the project. Then, Assoc. Prof. Necdet Karasu from Gazi University Department of Special Education gave detailed information about the training program consisting of three modules namely, enhancing behavioral control, communication and language skills for individuals with intellectual disabilities and evidence-based practices.

The meeting was ended after the evaluation of the participants and question and answer session.